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Do not quit, Flils! Flils, you must read this post.

Don’t quit. :/

The Fantage Pandas

Flils, do not quit. You are my best friend in the blogging world and if you leave I will quit blogging too. 


Even though I may have more hits, you have 73 followers while I only have 58. Followers are more important than views. Once we release all the cool panda stuff I’m 99.999999999 etc. % sure we are going to get this blog more hits. 


You are our best friend, you make us happy everyday you are with us. Please don’t leave. When you weren’t here (on vacation) I was in a bad mood everyday almost. AND I HAD VERY BAD LUCK. Ask Cat (I think ask her…xP)


Please don’t leave, whoever wants Flils to stay reblog this post, make a sticky post leading to her blog, invite everyone you know to follow and view this blog, and  make your own personal post to Flils! The…

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Hot Or Not Challenge

I think this is kinda stupid… and I hope they don’t mean the other “gross” kind of hot…. D: Anyways, you could win a Hot Or Not Medal for participating, and you get another Top Hot People or whatever it’s called medal for getting into the Top 5 Hottest People voted.Hot Or Not